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Dr. Cherie Clodfelter was born in the great state of Oklahoma, which she will proudly tell you, and was called Cheri Ann (because everyone had double names in Oklahoma.)  She grew up listening to her Father and Granddad tell stories.  After attending Oklahoma State University, she began to teach and she continued the tradition as she started telling stories herself.

She has held the position of Chairman of the Education Department for 30 years along with maintaining professional memberships with several organizations.  Dr. Clodfelter continues to teach and pass on her wisdom and stories to everyone she meets. 

Here, she would like to pass on a wonderful story: the story of the Earth.  On this website, you will find a PowerPoint that outlines significant events, people, things, and places from our Earth's history.  She would also like to create a place for anyone wanting to know more about the Earth to be able to find quality and creative websites. 

Keep learning, and keep telling your stories!  

Dr. Cherie Clodfelter

Earth Sciences PowerPoint

Great Earth Science Websites!

Becoming Human
Brain Pop
PBS Evolution Online
Explorations Through Time
Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence in 3D
Igneous Rock Textures
UCMP Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
The Paleontology Portal
Time Machine

For Teachers

K-12 Resources
Learning from the Fossil Record
National Science Standards