Evaluation in Reflective Teaching

The course grade will be determined by the accumulation of 100 possible points earned by students in four distinct areas:

  1. Seminar Planning and Preparation

  2. Seminar Implementation

  3. Seminar Participation and Reflections

  4. Final Reflective Essay

Below are links to a sample course grade sheet, Seminar Planning Sheet, Seminar Rubric, and Reflection Guidelines and Rubric that will assist students in understanding how they will be evaluated on given course assessment tasks:

  1. Sample Course Grade Sheet

  2. Seminar Planning Sheet -- Establishing Seminar Goals

  3. Seminar Rubric

  4. Reflection Guidelines and Rubric

Assessment Tasks

Maximum Points

Due Dates

Assessment Tool
I. Content Knowledge Quizzes/Discussion of Socratic Seminars & Core Reading 5 Oct. 4 Link to Blackboard login page

II. Seminar Planning (Seminar Goals / Seminar Plan, Team Meeting with Instructor)

5 Oct. 18/ TBA  Establishing Seminar Goals

Seminar Planning Sheet

III. Seminar Implementation      
  • Selection/Relevance/Quality of Research


As scheduled See Online Course Calendar  See
Seminar Rubric
  • Clear Focus
  • Pre-Post- Assessment
  • Timing/Pacing
  • Dialogue
  • Advanced Material [Optional]
  • Evaluation

    • Self and Team Evaluations See Assessment Form (5 points)

    • Seminar Evaluation in narrative (essay) format See Evaluation Essay instructions (10 points)


One week after seminar

Assessment Form

Evaluation Essay Instructions

IV. Seminar Dialogue (Engagement/Contribution to seminars (Quality / Quantity)


During Seminars


III. Written Reflections (on Seminars other than the one planned and implemented)


One week after seminar date

Reflection Guidelines


IV. Final Exam (Quotation & Reflection)


Dec. 11

Click here for instructions

Total Points



Seminar Portfolio -- Optional     Seminar Portfolio