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Excel Project

Hi, Class

Here are the criteria for the Excel Projects.  Students who successfully complete the Excel Project will be able to...

  • select meaningful criteria with which to construct a rubric for evaluating good websites 
  • evaluate websites using a rubric
  • select at least five good websites which will be useful in developing the course webfolio
  • write a meaningful narrative review of at least five websites...based on a given set of criteria (and rubric)
  • manipulate the format and alignment of cells in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • insert graphics, hyperlinks, formulas, and wrapped text into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

General Description of Project

In this project, you will use Microsoft Excel on which to construct a summary of the value of at least five websites that you will use in developing your semester project.  The first thing you will do is construct a rubric with which to evaluate websites.  The rubric is extremely important, and you need to spend quality time thinking about the criteria that will make a site valuable to your course webfolio...that will help achieve your project goals.  Once you have constructed the rubric, you will need some time to think about key words that you can use in searching for useful sites.  Your project goals should offer some ideas. Remember that good searches begin before the fingers touch the keyboard...so spend some time brainstorming before you begin searching. Once you have critical key words identified, you can use your Internet searching skills in conjunction with your rubric to select five useful websites with substantial content on which to build your webfolio.  Try to select websites that will be good starting points for research related to your project goals and that offer authoritative information.  Once you have identified at least five websites that you will use in building your course webfolio, you will review the websites, writing a one-paragraph narrative about the site.  At this point, you will begin to insert and/or link elements into an Excel spreadsheet.  Using numbers to represent the quality of specific criteria on the rubric, you will insert formulas to calculate sums and averages for each of the sites. Finally you will work on the Excel spreadsheet to create an appealing appearance.

About Rubrics and Good Websites...

As you begin this project, take a few minutes to explore the meaning and value of rubrics for you the teacher and for your students. 

Then give some thought about the critical elements of a website...what makes one better than another.  Hopefully, thinking about what makes websites in general will help you develop a good rubric for evaluating websites that meet not only general criteria for "good websites" but also specific criteria for "good websites useful to your course webfolio goals/objectives".

Specific Criteria

  • You will need to have the webpage that contains the table of goals / objectives for your course webfolio.
  • Select/Modify/Construct a "rubric" to evaluate each web site.  Be sure that your rubric is linked to the Excel document.
    • The rubric must be in the form of a table/matrix [it must contain a horizontal list of elements that are essential to website and a vertical list of numbers that differentiate the quality of the elements].  See example_1 or example_2 . Example 2 is for reference only.
    • The numbers on the rubric must be explained (in other words, each box in the table will specify how points will be given).  Another example.
  • The Excel document must calculate (using Excel formulas) the sums and average scores in order to determine which website is best according to the established criteria
  • Websites should be hyperlinked to the WWW
  • Each website should be represented by a logo (collected from the site)
  • Each website row should contain a review column with individual cells which either contain hyperlinks to a specific review on a webpage on which all the reviews appear or contains the entire paragraph review.
    • Here's an example of an Excel project with links to a webpage...click here  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you click on this example, if little boxes asking for passwords popup, just click on cancel.  Also, pay attention to the bottom of your computer screen as the sample project may appear behind the window open in front of you.  If you see a flashing element at the bottom of your screen, that's probably the sample Excel Project.  Just click on it to view it.)
    • Here's an example of an Excel project with the review contained within the cells...click here. (Refer to IMPORTANT NOTE above.)

You can really dress up your Excel document with...colored grids....graphics....tilted cells...all sorts of stuff...the SKY is the limit!!

Have fun!!

How will you be graded on this project?  Take a look ... click here.


Mrs. K