Computer Problem Solving
Edu 5350
Summer 2013


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Computer Problem Solving is designed to guide students in the development of a website that relies on a)  increasingly advanced computer skills and b) a deepening conceptual understanding of the impact of the integration of technology into teaching and learning processes.   The course intends to assist both pre-service and inservice teachers to explore the use of the computer as a tool for learning.  Students will experience the computer as a "guide" to communication and research, an "organizer" for the presentation of knowledge, and as a "mediator" in the construction of knowledge. To do this, students will be expected to develop skills to effectively search the internet, evaluate web sites, create PowerPoint presentations, construct web pages, develop interactive learning tools, and author a coherent learning environment designed to achieved a unified set of goals for a target audience. While developing skills in a "hands-on" project-based learning environment, students will come to understand that the computer can serve as an  intellectual partner that is designed to engage and support critical thinking and higher order learning.