ISTE General Performance Profile Indicators

Course objectives are derived from the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS•T). The course is designed to give teachers opportunity to achieve the performance indicators listed for the Professional Preparation profile. 

By the time you complete this course you will have had opportunity to indicate performance on all ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS•T) General Performance Preparation Profile as indicated in the Table of Course Objectives and Performance Indicators below

Students will be able to


1.demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature an operation of technology systems. (I)

See PowerPoint Presentation.  I imported sounds and pictures, designed in a way i hope will encourage kids to actually learn about flowers and take part in the process of learning, instead of just being handed information



2 demonstrate proficiency in the use of common input and output devices; solve routine hardware and software problems; and make informed choices about technology systems, resources, and services. (I)

See my Interactive Project - a quiz in Flowers for Kids where I had to master a new program on my own, without help.  I was able to solve any problems I had with the software, it took a while, but now I know I can do it!


3. use technology tools and information resources to increase productivity, promote creativity, and facilitate academic learning. (I, III, IV, V)

See my PowerPoint   - I really think I worked hard to do all of these things in my PowerPoint, especially facilitate  ACTIVE learning for young kids.


4. use content-specific tools (e.g., software, simulation, environmental robes, graphing calculators, exploratory environments, Web tools) to support learning and research. (I, III, V)

See my Inspiration Project in my PowerPoint.  Wow, it was a lot of discovery and work, but working on my powerpoint really made me understand the program and discover new and exciting concepts.


5. use technology resources to facilitate higher order and complex thinking skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, informed decision making, knowledge construction, and creativity. (I, III, V)

See my Excel Project - my excel project shows that i worked to determine the value of a website and express it in a way that others can clearly understand.


6.collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, preparing publications, and producing other creative works using productivity tools. (I, V)

See my Technology Forum Responses - made me really think about the positive and negative aspect of technology and how to encourage responsible use.

See my Scavenger Hunt - i had to search around in order to find the best sources and the best way to find those sources.


7. use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources. (I, IV, V)

See my Excel Project in which I collect and evaluate sources that I see as important in a clear way for others.


8.use technology tools to process data and report results. (I, III, IV, V)

See my E-Diary - record of my opinions and what I've learned in this course

See my Excel Project - data gathered and computed to show results


9.use technology in the development of strategies for solving problems in the real world. (I, III, V)

See my Inspiration Project in my PowerPoint - the web of ideas contained in the inspiration page shows an organized thought process geared towards a directed end: the education of children


10.observe and experience the use of technology in their major field of study. (III, V)

See my flowers in literature page  - shows MY personal field of study (literature) integrated with my project, flowers - a double whammy!


11.use technology tools and resources for managing and communicating information (e.g., finances, schedules, addresses, purchases, correspondence). (I, V)

See my Homepage - with my homepage I can communicate the basic ideas I would like to get across to my audience, then they can choose to look into something they are more directly interested in!


12.evaluate and select new information resources and technological innovations based on their appropriateness to specific tasks. (I, III, IV, V)

 See my Interactive Project - a quiz in the kids flowers page - this was all new to me.  but I FINALLY figured out how to work the quiz page...after many downfalls!  The quiz is very pertinent in regards to my PowerPoint and is useful to test a child's knowledge.


13.use a variety of media and formats, including telecommunications, to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences. (I, V)*

See my Technology Forum Responses

See my Interactive Project                        Enough Said!

See my PowerPoint Project


14.demonstrate an understanding of the legal, ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology. (VI)

See my Technology Forum Responses - here I demonstrate a clear and concise knowledge, and my opinions of issues of technology and education


15.exhibit positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity. (V, VI)

See my E-Diary - where you can discover, right along with me, the frustrations and applications of technology!


16.discuss diversity issues related to electronic media. (I, VI)

See my Technology Forum Responses - I have a lot of opinions based on careful reading of information on technology and education.


17.discuss the health and safety issues related to technology use. (VI)

See my Technology Forum Responses - see above!


Numbers in parentheses following each performance indicator refer to the standards category to which the performance is linked. The categories are:

  1. Technology operations and concepts
  2. Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences
  3. Teaching, Learning, and the curriculum
  4. Assessment and Evaluation
  5. Productivity and Professional Practice
  6. Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues



    In this class I realized how important technology really is to today's growing world.  I will discuss why technology is so important to me, education, and the world at large and how I can and should use technology to make my immediate world a better place!    

    Before I took this class I never understood how important it is to use technology in education.  Even though I am of the generation that is more aware of the computer, it is still a pretty foreign thing to me...and I'm definitely not used to the idea of using technology as a learning tool in the classroom.  Seeing everyone's PowerPoint projects and actually learning from them really proved to me that technology is an awesome tool to have.  It is so useful in really encouraging people to ACTIVELY participate in their education - an idea I've come to feel very strongly about.  The days of handing children the right answers are over! yay!  Now, because of technology, a child can discover and learn brand new things by their own effort and search.  Searching through using the computer in this class really let me discover all kinds of new things I didn't even mean to find in the first place!

    Although this new way of learning provided by the computer is both successful and beneficial, I do think it important to note that this form of education requires a high level of responsibility for both teachers and parents.  Firstly, although using technology and encouraging personal discovery is very good, that does not mean we can totally leave the kids to teach themselves.  I do not think this is successful.  Teachers are supposed to teach.  That is precisely why the computer is a TOOL, not a teacher itself.  Teachers and students can gain a lot from technology but should not depend on it.  Books are sometimes better than the computer!  Secondly, the use of technology as a tool must be carefully monitored.  I really realized this while  reading the articles for the technology forum.  The internet can be a very scary place.  Hopefully if teachers teach responsible use to their students, after a while, when they are adults, the internet will be a much safer place.

    I can really use technology to make my world a better place no matter what job I have.  Using technology (ie: PowerPoint, etc) I can clearly state my goals in an efficient way so that people can understand my work and with this knowledge can form opinions and add to their own work.  This will be effective especially if I'm a teacher.  If I ever become a mother I can make sure that the greatest amount of knowledge is available to my children, and having information at hand via the internet, I will never become lazy in education of life.  I can learn a great many things and therefore have an effect on everyone around me.  In this way technology is a very amazing thing!