***Flower*Websites* Rubric***

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3 2 1
*excellent* *adequate* *poor*



Contains extensive information about flowers, including... 

*many types of flowers

*history and/or significance of different flowers 

*seasonal information

*in depth information about how to choose, care for and find flowers  

*links to other helpful flower/craft websites   

*good sights to visit for further research

Contains an adequate overview of flowers including...

*some information about the care and/or use of flowers

 *and links to visit for further information.

Contains some useful information about flowers, including...

 *some information about the types of flowers and possible uses for them




*Website is a respected and well known authority on flowers or use of them

*the information is not only  accurate but clear and very helpful for someone who knows much, little, or nothing about flowers

*Website is represents a person or institution that really knows about flowers  

*there are good links to other flower sources

*Website contains little information on flowers or their uses

*the information is not presented by a well known authority or source

*the information is not really pertinent to learning about flowers




The information on this site is...

*well labeled, and navigation is easy  

*links are clearly identified and topics are clearly specified  

*the viewer is able to discern major topics at a glance as opposed to having to search the site to find topics

The information on this site is...

*somewhat cluttered and confusing 

*while navigation among links may still be easy, the links themselves are not clearly identified  

*the viewer must  search around the site a bit in order to find its main topics.

The information on this site is... 

*hard to sift through  

*topics are not clearly identified and therefore links for these topics are not easily accessible  

*the reader must thoroughly examine the entire site before finding its main topics.






The website...

*draws the reader in, making them interested in the subject

*has high quality appearance (colorful, clear, contains pictures, etc)

*has clearly defined links and subjects

The website...

*has an adequate appearance (contains pictures)

*states purpose of website through appearance

*has links or subjects the reader can find with a bit of looking

The website...

*does not have graphics or design having to do with its subject matter

*does not have clearly defined links or subjects






The website...

*provides the reader with the subject matter they are looking for

The website...

*provides the reader with some of the subject matter they are looking for

The website...

*Does not provide the reader with the subject matter they are looking for.

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-Hans Christian Anderson