Project Goals

Adults or families who want to know more about flowers will be able to...

Proposed Evidence of Goal Achievement

 *Access sights that will be able to help readers identify flowers. I will make sure there are links both on different pages, pertaining to different sections of the website, as well as at least one page designated solely to links so the viewers will be sure to find what they want. links to more info as well as most every other page of the web
*Access information about significance and history of flowers  There will be a page dedicated to flowers and what they represent, a page about the use of flowers in famous literature, a web museum of famous art with flowers in it, and access to websites that talk about the significance of flowers throughout history
*Access seasonal and care information for flowers both on this website and others. There will be information for each of the 4 seasons: what flowers are popular for each season and how to care for flowers in each season. See Seasonal and Care Information
*Men will know what to buy, how much to spend, and where to shop for flowers for their special someone in a "guys guide to flowers" There will be a page showing men where to shop for great deals and great flowers.  Also there will be a guide to show guys what kind of flowers they might want to buy for different types of girls.
*Access great flower deals both on the internet and at nationwide stores I will have a chart showing where I think the best places to shop for flowers are.
*A section where children can learn about flowers and access websites with more information I will teach kids about flowers via an interactive PowerPoint.  There will be an interactive quiz they can take after the PowerPoint in order to test their knowledge.  Also, there will be links to more information and kids crafts.
*Access information about fun floral crafts and bouquets  I will place information about where to find the best floral crafts and bouquet tips on the internet.

"Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world..."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.