The son of Aeson, who was a grandson of Aeolus.

In order to gain his rightful kingdom from the usurper Pelias, Jason led a group of heroes, called the Argonauts, to gain the Golden Fleece.  On the voyage, Jason was not so much distinguished for his fighting, but for his romantic conquests.  In fact, Jason often despaired at seemingly minor obstacles, such as the death of his steersman Tiphys.  Still, Jason's skills did come in handy, since only through the help of Medea, who fell in love with Jason, did the Argonauts finally succeed.

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After the end of his quest, Jason and Medea fled to Corinth, where they lived for ten years.  They had two children together, Mermerus and Pheres.  In the tenth year, the king of Corinth, Creon offered his daughter to Jason as his bride.  Wanting to become the heir to the throne, Jason agreed and divorced Medea.

As revenge, Medea sent a cloak laced with poison as a present to Jason's new bride.  When she put the cloak on, she immediately caught fire and burned to death.  Then, Medea killed her children, whom she could not support, and fled to Athens.

Now that Jason had lost his children and his future bride, he despaired, as he had so often done before.  He left Corinth and returned to the overturned hulk of the Argo, which was rotting away on the shores near Iolcus.  Jason crawled underneath the ship into the cool hollow.  The neglected ship was now badly rotten, and one of its huge beams fell, crushing him to death.


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