The hero of Athens.  His parents were Aegeus and Aethra, although his actual father was Poseidon.

Perhaps reflecting the culture of his home city, Theseus displays a strong sense of justice and honor, whereas the other heroes typically behaved far more irrationally.

Theseus is best known for the killing of the Minotaur.  For this complete heroic story, click here.

Theseus was also a member of the Argonauts, although he plays little part in their adventures.  According to Apollonius, however, Theseus was detained in the underworld at the time, and not a member of the crew.

With Hippolyte Theseus had a son name Hippolytus.  His later wife Phaedra, another daughter of Minos, fell in love with Hippolytus, who rejected her advances.  She told Theseus the exact opposite had occurred.  Angry, he caused the death of Hippolytus and only too late learned of the truth from ArtemisHippolytus was brought back to life, however, by Asclepius, who was then in turn killed by Zeus for his actions.


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