The final son of Gaia in union with Tartarus, he was born soon after the Titanomachy.  For a while he dwelled underground, taking Echidna as his mate.  With her, he fathered Orthos, Ladon, Cerberus, the Hydra, Chimaera, and the Nemean Lion.  Eventually, Typhaon arose from the earth to challenge the new king Zeus.

Typhaon had huge, powerful and tireless limbs.  His head was one hundred fire-breathing snakes, which all shrieked a deafening, indescribable sound.  Hesiod writes that had Zeus not taken notice of Typhaon's appearance quickly, there would have been a new king on Olympus.  When the two met in battle, the tremor was so great that even the Titans down in Tartarus were afraid.  Only by supreme effort did Zeus win, cutting off all one hundred of Typhaon's heads.  Typhaon's massive body collapsed on Mt. Aetna, the flames from which causing the mountain to become volcanic.  The triumphant Zeus then flung Typhaon into Tartarus.


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