Born of Gaia, Uranus was the personification of the sky.  He united with his mother Gaia and produced the Titans, Cyclopes, and Hecatoncheires.  Aghast by the power of his children, Uranus prevented them from being born.  Gaia, upset by the actions of Uranus, turned to her children for help.  Only Cronus accepted the challenge, and with an adamant sickle given to him by Gaia he castrated his father.  Separated from Gaia, Uranus rose up towards heaven and to his permanent position in the cosmos.

When the sickle was thrown into the sea, Corfu, the home of the Phaeacians, was created.  Uranus' penis flew towards the sea, and along the way blood fell on Gaia, from which was born the Furies and the Giants.  When his penis fell into the sea, foam arose, and from this foam Aphrodite sprang forth.


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