Hecuba was the second and last wife of Priam, the last king of Troy.  Together, they had seventeen children.  Their first son was Hector.  Their second son Paris was exposed after his birth, only to return years later.  Their daughter Cassandra had the gift of prophecy, as well as their son HelenusTroilius was a son of Hecuba and Apollo.

After Troy fell, Odysseus claimed Hecuba as his slave.  On the voyage home, Odysseus stopped on the shores of Thrace.  There, Hecuba learned that her son Polydorus had been murdered by the Thracian king, Polymestor.  Hecuba lured him to her tent and gouged out his eyes.  As the Thracians began to attack her, Hecuba was turned into a dog (I have no idea why).


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