ISTE General Performance Profile Indicators

Course objectives are derived from the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS•T). The course is designed to give teachers opportunity to achieve the performance indicators listed for the Professional Preparation profile. 

By the time you complete this course you will have had opportunity to indicate performance on all ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS•T) General Performance Preparation Profile as indicated in the Table of Course Objectives and Performance Indicators below

Students will be able to


1.demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature an operation of technology systems. (I)

To see my understanding of the nature/operation of technology systems, please refer to my Webfolio, specifically my Mindtool reflection form the Technology Forum, my Excel Project, my Scavenger Hunt, and my Skills Check II for brief examples.  In these projects, I have demonstrated a clear understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.


2 demonstrate proficiency in the use of common input and output devices; solve routine hardware and software problems; and make informed choices about technology systems, resources, and services. (I)

To see my usage of input/output devices, refer to my Banned Books Quiz.  In this quiz, people must input their answers and e-mail them to me.  To see my understanding about choosing technology systems and resources, go to my Excel Website Rubric and my Mindtools Rubric.  These projects enabled me to efficiently choose various sources.  


3. use technology tools and information resources to increase productivity, promote creativity, and facilitate academic learning. (I, III, IV, V)

To see my technology tools for creativity and facilitation of learning, refer to my Banned Books Quiz, my Inspiration concept map, or my PowerPoint Presentation.  Each of these projects entitled work and research into the creative process and how to facilitate learning well.


4. use content-specific tools (e.g., software, simulation, environmental robes, graphing calculators, exploratory environments, Web tools) to support learning and research. (I, III, V)

For research purposes using content-specific tools, please see my Excel Website Project, Inspiration Map, Banned Books Quiz, or my PowerPoint presentation.  These projects are all content-specific in which I had to explore different environments and choose what would best support my research.  I had to have a good knowledge about how each software program worked in order for me to use it for my various projects.


5. use technology resources to facilitate higher order and complex thinking skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, informed decision making, knowledge construction, and creativity. (I, III, V)

To see my resources for higher level thinking, see my Censorship Quiz, my reflections in the Technology Forum, or my Website Evaluations.  The Censorship Quiz is a quiz where people have to write reflective responses and e-mail them to me.  Website evaluations, in general, are important in deciding which sites to use and which to reject.  The Technology Forum is important in critically thinking about the issues of the Internet (legality, ethical, etc.).


6.collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, preparing publications, and producing other creative works using productivity tools. (I, V)

My use of technology-based productivity resources can be seen in PowerPoint presentation and in my Inspiration Concept Map.  Both the PowerPoint and the Inspiration map were important in the construction of my presentation and in organizing my original thoughts for the project.  Both were key in helping me to figure out the best manner in which to present.


7. use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources. (I, IV, V)

To see my evaluations from various sources, go to my Mindtools Rubric or Evaluation Summaries, my Website Evaluations, or my Excel Project.  Rubrics and evaluations of websites are important in decision-making skills.  They force you to sift through a variety of sources and decide which is best for your particular topic.


8.use technology tools to process data and report results. (I, III, IV, V)

Please see my Website Evaluations or my Mindtools Evaluations.  These evaluations are important because I had to research the sources and then report on the efficiency and topic-orientation of each site.  Also, you may refer to my Excel Project.  In this project, I had to use various tools and grade them based on fluidity and competency.


9.use technology in the development of strategies for solving problems in the real world. (I, III, V)

For real world issues, please refer to my PowerPoint presentation on the issue of book banning, challenging, and censoring.  Book banning and challenging (as well as censorship) is a very real part of our society where lots of people have contrasting opinions.  For further use of technology, refer to my Technology Forum reflections.  These reflections deal with issues about technology, such as ethical and legal issues.


10.observe and experience the use of technology in their major field of study. (III, V)

For my major field of study (education), my PowerPoint project is germane, as well as my Mindtools Rubric and Evaluation.  As a teacher, I have to be aware of the best sites to use in the classroom.  Also, the PowerPoint was interesting to me since I am an avid reader of children's literature.  It was important to me to do that PowerPoint because I will be dealing with children's books everyday.


11.use technology tools and resources for managing and communicating information (e.g., finances, schedules, addresses, purchases, correspondence). (I, V)

To see my use of resources for this particular field, please see my PowerPoint presentation.  In the presentation, I used technology tools in order to communicate with my peers about book banning, challenging, and censoring.  Also, my Mindtools Evaluations dealt with various technology tools.  I shared my opinion of some tools in this project, which I am able to publicly communicate.


12.evaluate and select new information resources and technological innovations based on their appropriateness to specific tasks. (I, III, IV, V)

To see my evaluations of specific resources, go to my Excel Project (or Evaluations) or to my Mindtools Rubric (or Evaluations).  In these projects, I evaluated various resources in terms of technological navigation, cost, helpfulness, and other issues.  Each source evaluated was checked for appropriateness and coherency.


13.use a variety of media and formats, including telecommunications, to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences. (I, V)*

For use of a variety of media for interacting with others, please refer to my PowerPoint presentation.  In this presentation, I used different formats of media.  Variants allow for a more active audience because there is a "newness" offered that promotes learning.


14.demonstrate an understanding of the legal, ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology. (VI)

In understanding of the legality issues and other various topics, please refer to my reflections in the Technology Forum.  In the forum, articles were reviewed and commented on by me.  I think it is important to get feedback from people on these important topics.


15.exhibit positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity. (V, VI)

For the exhibition of positive attitudes toward technology and further uses, please see my E-Diary.  In my diary, you will get to watch me struggle through the Information Age, cry in my failures, and rejoice in my accomplishments.  I will continue my pursuits in the mastery of technology.


16.discuss diversity issues related to electronic media. (I, VI)

To see my reflections on diversity issues of electronic media, go to my Technology Forum entries.  The forum allows people to explore the different issues.  People can post comments after reading others.  I liked the forum because I learned more about the real issues of technology.


17.discuss the health and safety issues related to technology use. (VI)

For information on the health and safety issues of technology, please see my reflections in the Technology Forum.  Technological issues are important because technology is growing in what it can do and who has access to it.  I think that the Technology Forum is a wonderful avenue for people to learn and think about the issues that are important.


Numbers in parentheses following each performance indicator refer to the standards category to which the performance is linked. The categories are:

  1. Technology operations and concepts
  2. Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences
  3. Teaching, Learning, and the curriculum
  4. Assessment and Evaluation
  5. Productivity and Professional Practice
  6. Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues