Aquarium Size

The size of a turtle’s home is probably THE most misunderstood part of turtle keeping.  Many people think they can keep them in what many hobbyists call “death bowls”.  As turtle owners, we are suppose to simulate their natural home as much as possible and with that, it is necessary to supply them with a large home.  To guarantee that they have a big enough home, I suggest that, for every inch of the turtle’s shell, there be 10 gallons of water and then add 10%.  Also, the more turtles you have in one tank, the more space you will have to have for them.  I suggest then for any additional turtles, divide the shell length in half and multiply by 10.  So, for example, if you have a 2 inch turtle in a tank, you need to have 22 gallons of water.  However, if you add another 2 inch turtle into the tank, you’ll need about 35 gallons of water. 

Also, to guarantee that a turtle has enough space, I suggest multiplying the length of the turtle by 5 to get the length of the aquarium and, for the height, multiply the adult length by 2.5.   The width of the tank should be enough that the turtle can turn around, so about twice as long as the turtle.


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