Religious Freedom and the Concepts of No Establishment, Free Exercise, and Wall of Separation


Created by Elaine Schwartz, SEATTAH Participant

Modified and published by University of Dallas Education Dept. Staff


A unit of Instruction designed for

Advanced Placement United States History



Table of Contents


I.               Unit Introduction

A.                        Statement of Purpose

B.                        List of primary documents

C.                        Materials and Resources Needed


II.          Desired Results

Standards assessed


III.    Assessment Evidence

A.                       Formative Assessments

1.   One Pager Reading Comprehension

2. Political Cartoon Analysis

3. Concept Poetry

4. Case Study

5.  Primary Document Analysis

B.                        Summative Assessment

Document Based Question (DBQ) and rubric


IV.      Learning Plan

Lesson Plans

1.   Lesson 1: Differentiation between Primary and Secondary Sources

2. Lesson 2: The Historical Roots of First Amendment Freedom

3. Lesson 3: The Establishment Clause and Wall of Separation and Recent Supreme Court Cases

4. Lesson 4: Virginia Declaration of Rights and Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

5.  Lesson 5: Madisonís Memorial and Remonstrance

6. Lesson 6: Document Based Question


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