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Through the generosity of the University of Dallas and start-up grants from the Southwestern Bell Foundation and Wells Fargo, DANTE is able to offer web-hosting services to eligible teachers in the North Texas area. Teachers who successfully complete Computer-Based Learning during the DANTE Summer Institute may apply for web space for the purpose of supporting student learning. In addition, Catholic Schools in the North Texas area may also apply for web space on which to build a school website.  The web hosting service intends to raise awareness of the work of each teacher and/or Catholic school.

If you are interested in building websites for your North Texas class or Catholic school, please contact Barbara Khirallah at bkhirall@udallas.edu.

Teaching/Learning Tools Evaluation

DANTE members are invited to assist in evaluating various Internet-based teaching/learning tools and resources. We encourage to try out any or all of the following resources and then submit an evaluation.  Once a sufficient number of evaluations have been submitted, a table of evaluated resources will be posted.   If you would like to moderate this portion of DANTE or have questions, please contact Barbara Khirallah at bkhirall@acad.udallas.edu.

All-Purpose Guides for Educators
Kathy Schrock    
Blue Web'n    
Education World    
Course Management
Quizzes, Puzzles, Worksheets, Games, Exercises
DiscoverySchool Custom Classroom     
Microsoft Classroom Tools    
English Online: Exercises, Quizzes, Tests    
Hot Potatoes    
Quiz Lab      
Instructional Strategies, Design Aids
Understanding By Design    
The Graphic Organizer    
Reviews of Software, Instructional Materials
Free Stuff    
Grade Book Packages - Plus

The Future

As more people volunteer to build up the educational institutions of the Local Churches of North Texas, DANTE will be able to expand its efforts.

Send e mail to bkhirall@acad.udallas.edu with questions or comments about this web site.
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