Columbian Exchange Webquest


Please answer each question and write down the website where you found the answer (continue answers on the back, if necessary).


1)      What exactly is meant by “Columbian Exchange?”





2)      Write a list of foods that originated in the Americas and another list which originated in the Old World.





3)      In what ways were the Native Americans most affected by the exchange?





4)      In what ways were the Europeans and others most affected?





5)      List the 5 most important “items” which were exchanged





6)      Describe the debate currently raging over Columbus’s role in American history.





7)      Take a position on one side of the debate and defend your position with evidence and arguments.




Consider, but do not limit yourself to, the following web pages in your search.


Columbian Exchanges


The Crimes of Christopher Columbus


Seeds of Change Garden


Bonus:  List the web address of any site not listed about which you think should be included on any comprehensive list of sites dealing with the Columbian exchange.